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I miss SGA.

I've spent a good portion of today sitting in front of my TV, watching my season one House DVDs and I miss SGA. Not to say I'm not adoring House, I am. I think House is someone I would LOVE to watch with Rodney. I'm going to have to search for House/SGA crossover fic, because if I can find some that does them both well... *sighs* House and Wilson are almost as gay as John and Rodney. Almost. There is little in this world that is as gay as those to. Well, to these slasher eyes... I'm going to have to rank House and Wilson up with Jack and Daniel. I wonder what it says about me that I think boys kissing is much sexier than girls or boys and girls kissing? Of course... anyone who knows me knows my favorite of all time is two boys and one girl kissing.

As the SGA fandom starts to fade away, which it will now that the show has finished. People move away from fandoms, but especially when you're used to getting something new every week. Oh if they make the movie(s) it will help, but from now on in (and for a while if we're going to be honest) it's a contracting fandom. Anyway as I was saying, as it starts... continues to fade away, I will inevitably start looking for a new one. In a way I have already, Supernatural has its appeal. Those two boys are so twincesty it's almost sad, but pretty. And I could clearly go with House and Wilson. But you know what? I don't think I will.

I can chart my fandoms... I started in Buffy, and dear lord did I love it. Give me some season two Angelus and then Spike, well at any time, except when he became the big fluffy puppy with bad teeth, and I'm still in lust.

From Buffy came QAF, Brian and Justin, what's not to love. I have to say, I don't get people that don't ship them in the show. I can understand if you don't like Brian, honest I can... although I adore him, what I can't get is Brian anyone else, and for that matter Justin anyone else. I don't understand the Michael love, but... hey... you want to write about someone with clear Daddy issues, who managed to find someone willing to play Daddy for him, more power to you. But to use a very old expression, they do not pass the wet test.

So... then I found... a couple of others. There was a brief QZ thing, cause prison sex is a kink of its own. A little bit of Dune and Pitch Black, Vin I adore you, but Riddick really got me. Brokeback Mountain inspired for a while, and I still believe Heath Ledger should have received that Oscar. But we have two more great loves... Harry Potter, although when they are somewhat older than at least the first couple of books, and LotR RPS.

I'd never been into RPS before this. Oh... I'd seen a little bit of it in the Buffy fandom, but it wasn't really my thing. Thank you Peter Jackson.

Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean & the list goes on. The most slashable cast in history. Although I got into Viggo & Elijah because of a wonderful writing companion, Viggo and Orli were my first love in that world... with the wonderful threesome of Viggo, Orli and Sean. *sighs happily and I'll be right back... need to see if I still have 'An End to Ugliness'* Oran love? Do you have it in a single word doc? I seem to only have pre-beta chapters for a lot of the later chapters.

Anyway... LotR was a wonderful time for me. Smack dab in the middle of my mother's recovery, my grandmother's death and well, an interesting on line time that you either know about because you where there, or damn but I couldn't explain no matter how hard I tried. There was some faffing as LotR faded, and then I re-found an older love. I had always liked SG1, and I'll confess something I don't think I ever have before, the first time around, I didn’t see slash. I wasn't looking. Of course, once I started looking at the world through slash coloured glasses... I discovered the love that is Jack and Daniel. I did flirt with a little Teal'c being added, but in the end, the whole JackDanielness won. I loved the show, although Carter irritated the hell outta me, and there are now whole seasons I don't watch... but when Atlantis came out... I was more than willing to jump on board.

And what a board I jumped onto. John and Rodney. A fandom that I love. I honestly love the show, even when I hate it, and that happens quite a bit too. There are whole sections of the last season I've never watched, and unless I have to for a fic, likely never will, because they managed to write someone more annoying then Carter, and shove something even more unpalatable down my throat than Carter/O'Neill. Keller. The SG writers had this really bad habit, falling in love with guest and secondary character actors.

Carson is a point in case. I liked Carson in season one, really I did. But in a show that ISN'T set in a hospital, there is NO POINT in having a Doctor as a regular. THERE ISN'T ENOUGH FOR THEM TO DO. Star Trek discovered that over 40 years ago. There was NO DAMN REASON for Bones to be on the bridge as much as he was... and sometimes, they were even worse in Next Gen. (which is a show I loved, and yet even now, can't slash. Deep Space 9 has a little, but the only one with any interest is Voyager, and then I want to make the girls play, and I'm not really into femslash, and anyway, this is a digression) So... they make Paul McGillion a regular... and kill the character. Come on, they turned him into... well I wouldn't want him treating me, because I'm kinda worried about his medical ethics. First, do no harm apparently got left behind with earth. *shakes my head* and honestly, the less said about his successor the better.

I haven't had a ship and a character pushed down my throat so hard since ... well SG1, Carter, and Carter and O'Neill... Season... *shudders* No, not going to think about that. *Shakes my head* Anyway, the writers forgot that they weren't meant to be writing their geeky fantasies on screen, but writing a show the FANS would want to keep watching. Am I saying Keller killed SGA? No. But she HELPED. Inconsistent writing helped to. Hell, inconsistently writing Keller helped. Forgetting about their leading man for a good portion of the season helped too.

Why did I watch SGA? Because they wrote a show with a premise I loved, with fun Sci-Fi that didn't take itself too seriously, without winking at the camera too often to annoy, and managed to create more characters that I liked than I didn't.

And there were a few I didn't. They SUCKED at writing woman. Carter was a Barbie doll, Weir... well let’s be honest, in real life? Even John Sheppard would have declared Atlantis under military control. Not once in that whole show, did they give a single reason why any one of her three... well John, Rodney and Carson. Her CMilitaryO, CSO & CMedicalO would be at all loyal to her. Yet apparently they were. I know the creators wanted a civilian controlled expedition, but please, write someone that knows not to fuck with her military chain of command at least.

I really wish someone would write a story where Elizabeth gets the slap down John should have given her for appointing ANY of his men to the position of chief of security without Okaying it with him. Undermined his authority why don't you honey? Considering he got it KILLING THEIR CO... Not the smartest move. Cause even by then she had to know that maintaining military discipline was going to be hell, undermining her best ally within that hierarchy, the base CO? Dumb. That's not how a diplomat works. But then, for all they TOLD us she was a diplomat, they never ONCE SHOWED US. And Oran and I have had this conversation for years. Telling me something in a fic is bad enough, but in a television show, if you tell me, but NEVER show me? I don’t know it.

So… Carter was a Barbie doll, Weir never did anything to show us why her ‘command staff’ should be loyal to her, it’s not like she was to them. Personally I think Teyla was written fairly well, although they simply didn’t use her as much as they could have. She and Ronon were way underused in my opinion. Then of course we have the wonderful and brilliant Keller. Bad character my dear writers. Simply a bad character.

Every other female they wrote was a secondary character. Hell half the time Teyla was one. *sigh*

You know when I started this, I hadn’t intended on a 1500 word (and growing) rant.

Anyway. I disliked Weir because they took a great IDEA and fucked it up. I adored John and Rodney, Ford never grabbed me, but I liked Bates… Radek was always fun. Teyla I like, and Ronon… at first he was just eye candy, but I grew to love him as well. Lorne was more eye candy, and I have to admit, I really enjoyed the “john&rodney” mirroring they did, particularly in the game, with Lorne and Radek.

I… I think I need to get back to the point.

There are other shows I like, might even love. Doctor Who… David Tennant’s is perfect, for me. I am worried about the new one to be honest. Torchwood is adorable, even though I don’t get the Ianto thing, I really don’t… but Captain Jack Harkness…. *purr* And I adore Captain John Hart too but I honestly have little desire to read the fic. I don’t need to. It’s there in the text, no subtext required for all that lovely Slash. *sighs* I guess I’ve been looking for a new fandom. And I haven’t found one.

*sighs again* So... I lack a fandom. Help?
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