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You know what? I dislike Brad Wright a great deal, although I am also thankful that he (along with others) created SG1 and then SGA, which I love even more. He's an arrogant snot that has no respect for his fans, hence SGA not getting the ratings needed to continue it. He said it himself, if we make a good show, you'll watch. Hence, if we're not watching, does that not mean he's not making a good show?

I will say without any prompting needed that I love The Shrine, without doubt I feel it is the best ep of the season. He wrote it. He just told the world that the peir scene, one of the slashest scenes in the ep WAS THE REASON HE WANTED TO WRITE THE EPISODE!

Then later, when someone asked why Rodney proclaimed his love for Keller with no apparent build up in their relationship he replied, and I quote. BW: He thought he was dying. Obviously.

*shakes my head*

He clearly doesn't understand how that sounds. He's just. *sighs* But hey... on the good side, I'm getting ideas for writing, even going back to the mammoth story of mine that I really do want to finish. I mean, the PROLOGUE is 11500 words.

One thing I keep thinking, the more I watch, and dislike season 5? At least once it's over... they can't Joss my story any more. Canon is set! *sighs*

I need a beta reader. *goes looking for a beta community* There has to be some right?
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