May. 8th, 2009

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It wasn't going to be an exciting day... I took it off from work, today too, to have a nice long weekend... and then I ended up with an ultrasound appointment on my birthday. I've had a couple of really nasty periods... and the way to check if there's something wrong, is of course, for the medical profession to have a look.

Not exactly the most dignified experience of my life, an internal ultra sound, but... I was glad that I'd have some answers to the question if there was something more serious, or was it just I'd had a couple of bad periods in a row... well... I went to the appointment, and it turns out that if you are late in your cycle, the last week, they can't tell if there is something wrong, because what they are looking for, thickening in the lining and the like, is exactly what happens at that point in your cycle. So... I have to go back after my next period, and do it all over again. $200.00 later too.

So... frustrated, because no one told me that could happen. I was all set to KNOW, and now I don't. And I'm kinda irritated.

There is some good news though, she also had a look at my ovaries, and it seems my PCOS is better than before. Apparently I am now only just within the requirements for a diagnosis, and I did ovulate this month. So, although that's good on the PCOS side of my health, that WASN'T WHY I WENT. *sighs*

I have another appointment in two weeks.

I hate being a girl sometimes.



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